Nov 28, 2009

Me, Myself and I

Everything has its own ways of unveiling. Some heroic, some catastrophic or sometimes its even whimsical. You'll never know whats in it for you unless you tried going to one of those doors, opening it and realizing what it has done. Regrets can start building up, but if your gonna be positive enough, your going to see the other picture of the decision that you had made. Lately, everything that I went through has not been easy. Well it never did since I woke up from reality, but I think I am just starting to enjoy everything that I'm not. It's not with the spot light , nor the amazing stuffs that I could actually do. But its the thought that your able to reach everything you wanted to do, with no one telling or hindering you to do so. And by those things, you motivate everything around you, make enemies for those who envy you and being able to hit back anyone that you wanted to. I know freedom had been always been mine, but freedom I had experience lately was compelling and such a wonderful feeling. I know everything wont last, I'm writing this down to remind me of this day I realized that I am happy being alone, with nothing to think on. Just me, myself and I.

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