Dec 6, 2009

Living and Working

Lately, I was so busy with everything happening to me. I have been missing my favorite series or movie, have not updated my blog and even updating myself to music. I have been rolling myself round and round to know more with my work and getting the hang of it. I know it would sound burning on my end but thats how I usually master myself to be good with something which later on I would get tired with. I've been enjoying much here the business that my work has, the occupancy of myself on my work. I've been exposing myself much on this work that much that when I go home, the only thing I could do there is sleep. I'm thinking about having something to destress out so that is why I am moving to my colleauge's house and live there cause probably that would help. Either ways, I am enjoying my stay here though I know that description is just blunt. Oh well, everybody has to grow.

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