Dec 9, 2009

Ranting for Disposition

Lately, we just had an update that shocked the whole floor. Agent and supervisors are like awfully shocked with what the management has rolled out and disputed whatever things that they are trying to show out. Everybody was alarmed and you can see in our faces (for supervisor's position) that disposition of such action should be done.
I just realized that I am actually already showing a motherly care to my agents that I just had mate. Humanitarian is the only answer I knew off but I knew what the managements are doing is unreasonable. You cant just kill a sheep that you are tending for a couple of years because they are rumored to have sickness. By legal means, it should have been investigated first, went through a process before being rolled out. Sheesh, everybody should really take and listen to their Law subjects and have an innate with proper legal means especially for work codes here. Not all employees are working dumb, especially now a days.

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