Dec 9, 2009

Faces of a Liar

Lies has been a part of a human life. Checking back on history, Adam was also the first person who lied and theoritically because of that, was thrown out from the Garden of Eden. This has passed through all the generations and somewhat spread through to everybody. Everybody has their own reasons for being a liar. Some good, some bad and some are even saying it not to hurt anybody. But is it a good thing? Is it justifiable? Is it reasonable? Or is it because everybody are afraid to tell the truth and the fact that lies on it. Sooner or later liars get stomped on because the truth will out whether it is tomorrow or next year or the next decade. Each lie leaves a trail. And the most unfortunate thing of all is that lies tend to have infinite lives!

Liars have to lead a difficult, if not impossible, life. They merely live in a fantasy. They hide their sins and their transgressions in a cloud and web of lies. They have to remember each and every detail about their lies, to whom they told them and why they told them. They spend their lives looking over their shoulders to see if any of the lies are catching up with them. They are always on the run; trying to outrun their lies! A liar leads a most miserable and horrible life.

Reasons why they are lying? Well it could be because (1) a liar doesn't like himself/herself as a person, (2) they consider their accomplishments inadequate, (3) they cannot stomach or accept the truth about whatever (4) they are afraid of the truth and (5) they cannot stomach the consequences of the truth. I could go on but you get the point. I read on to this article made by Pierre A. Rinfret and found some profiling of the liars which might help us categorized some of the people we know or had jumped in to us with a lie.

Perpetual Liar

This are the most difficult liar that you will encounter. This liar is one of those people who had great brain, and basing on an IQ tests are incredibly Genius. These people lies about anything. Important or unimportant, basically everything. Its like they had used to it and had lived with it. You could not believe anything at all of what he said. If he said that he called you X times in a day (after you had not talked to him in months) you knew he never made a single call at all.

Dangerous Liar

Dangerous liar (they are, of course, all dangerous) is the one that lies only about major or important facts. This is the kind of person that lies about his education, his studies, his degrees, his background, his family, his prior jobs, his war (or military) experiences, facts of all kinds, if he is in an argument and whatever suits him at the moment.

Political Liar

The political liar is legend. Political liars do not care one iota, one bit, one scintilla about the truth or the actual facts. They argue strictly on the basis of their emotions and their concept of what is "right" and what is "justice." We have all met them. They are the worst kind and it is hopeless to argue or debate them because they "know" and they lie and make up facts to suit whatever argument. The worst are of course, the media who lie and cheat to the ultimate and they have zero conscience and less responsibility. All they care about is winning no matter how they win.It is NOT how the game is played which to them is idealistic nonsense. All they care about is WINNING, no matter how, including lying and cheating to the extreme. Lying and cheating are pretty much the same thing, aren't they?

Social Engineering Liar

The social engineering liar is among the most dangerous because they want to change the social order according to their vision of what it should be. They lie about anything and everything and the worst of all is that they are self righteous about their lying. When they can't win a social argument with facts they resort to emotionalism (another form of lying). And when the emotionalism doesn't work they lie to high heaven in whatever mode suits them; just as long as they win their argument! My entire experience with these kind of self-righteous, guilt prone individuals is that they lie and lie some more.They know they are lying but they don't care!

Community Liar

The most incredible of all is the Community Liar. This is where a mass of people agree silently and without any overt or noticeable agreement that they are going to lie en masse! This also comes under the title of "lying to oneself".

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