Jan 10, 2010

Web Hosting and some Tips

Web hosting is a common word that we usually hear during our internet lessons or html lessons but also commonly done now a days. In Wikipedia, web hosting is defined as type of internet hosting service that allows different types of organizations or individuals to publish their website and make it accessible for everybody via World Wide Web. Usually, this service is given out by different company that handles web hosting. They usually provide spaces which they own then they make their customers rent on it and provide internet connection, sort of like a data center, for their clients. Most web hosting companies have their own associations based on their reliability and quality of service that they are giving but nevertheless, they all provide web hosting services.

I roamed around the web and looked for any web hosting guides that will help especially for newbie in the WWW world. Luckily, I found one in hostindex.com which was written last 2008 which shows some web hosting tips that might be useful even after 2010. Hope this helps everybody.

Tip # 1: Upgrade to an Annual Plan
Well this is most likely the best offer that Web Hosting services could give. If you think the company that is going to be hosting your website is reliable, why not enroll for an annual payment basis. By considering this, you’re going to get a lower prorated monthly rate. Usually with some web hosting site companies when you apply for annual basis, you get freebies such us no set up free, free domain, etc. By considering this, try to check as well the 2nd annual time period. Try to think that the 1st Annual basis is cheaper, how much more could be the 2nd.

Tip # 2: Internet Economy is Continually Evolving
Our technology now days has gradually increased and significantly will still be increasing. So never close your ideas that in your website, traffic will still be increasing and a much bigger capacity or bandwidth will be needed. Now if you think this are not being met by the web hosting company that are currently serving you now, I think it would be best to look around and explore change. Don’t just consider the price of the company and the service but think as well for the future of your website. Just like mobile phone services, if there are a lot of overage charges, then maybe its time to consider a larger package and plan.

Tip # 3: Check the Hosting Service Agreements
Do not ignore or neglect Hosting Service agreements. Make sure you read, review and if possible have somebody review the agreement that you’re reading with to make sure you get a better relationship with the company. This will also protect you for anything in the future. This is one of the main rule in any web hosting guide. This is to make sure your protected and at the same time getting the service that you should have.

Tip # 4: Make sure you have support domain for your company
Always check the idea of having support or service follow-up online. If your website is dealing or associated with providing services, do not close the idea that people will be looking for help. Same goes with web hosting services. Before you sign up, try to check first for any support that this company gives to help you out in case of any concerns related to your domain. Not everybody is genius and a little help from the company would greatly be appreciated with anyone.

Tip 5: Be keen with Upgrades
As have mentioned, technology are continuously innovating, do always check for web host sites that are using upgraded versions of software. This will keep your website intact and reliable at the same time. Aside from that, you get features and interactivity which at the same time would maximize the experience of your customers in your website. Before applying or considering to get the service in a company, make sure check the reliability or people's comment in the web hosting service that a certain company gives. This will save you time and effort instead of researching around for that certain company. Remember if a company is proud and assured of their service that they are providing, they wont hesitate to post or show the comments that they're customer is giving. This what makes the impression of that company get's bigger and better.


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