Jan 6, 2010

Everyday Dilemna

Ever had the day waking up in the same monotonous day where things feel like a routine from yesterday? That the same feeling when you we’re a student when you need to go to school every single day. You’re trying to motivate your self but it seems like motivation is getting tired of helping you out. It feels like the sun has stopped shining to a field filled that used to be so excited in seeing the world. Lately, I have been simply having this dilemma. I’m burned out. Technically no, emotionally I think so. Something I use to have before which I was able to fight back. Soon, I’ll get tired of this but I am afraid what I am going to do next. It feels like I already did everything and experienced everything that a person had to feel from childhood to adulthood making me feel tired in every day walks of life. Just like movies that are shown today, all recycled and easy to predict. Maybe I’m just getting old or maybe I’m just getting a little bit tired of my life. I think I'm just missing everybody, the life I use to have with my friends. They usually give me a different perspective in life. Something that motivates me from a time.

Just want to let you know guys that I'm all missing you. It's hard living without you guys. I think I just jumped in a pool too deep and was not thinking of it.

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