Feb 25, 2010

Website submission has pay?

I have been thinking of way to submit my website to all the search engines thats possible. But it seem's like thats very impossible to do. Good thing there's website that actually offers search engine submission. They are actually effective especially for the ones that actually give you confirmation of whats happening to the submission that they are doing. Make sure that when you do use a search engine submission, it is for free. You should or can actually browse or submit website for free cause search engines doesn't pay or requires you to pay something just to have your site be publish. I just hate those scumbags who actually make a fool of other people who doesn't know stuffs about the www world. Here is one example of what I am explaining about.

Search, Browse or submit your website for free.

Anyways, I am off for now. I still have work to do. Tata!

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