May 4, 2010

Cheap Car Insurance

Everybody now days would like to have cars. Of course if you’re living in a gallant life having a car would be the most convenient way to travel. But the negative part of having car is some accidents or other negative things that could happen when you have a car. So it would be wise for anyone to have their car insured to any Car Insurance company, or let’s say practically to Cheap Car Insurance.

To give a very brief description of what are the types of auto insurance available and its description:

• Auto Insurance Comprehensive Coverage – covers damages to your car that are not caused by other motorists. These damages include, fire, theft (of the whole car, or parts of it i.e. Stereo, Rims), damage from acts of God, such as ice storms, tornado, hail and floods. Lastly it covers if you hit a deer, or if your vehicle gets vandalized.

• Auto Insurance Collision Coverage - Collision coverage covers your own car, when you encounter physical damage to it, as a result of a collision. So if you crash into a light post, or hit another car, this insurance will pay to fix YOUR car.

• Auto Insurance Liability Coverage - Liability coverage is different from comprehensive and collision coverage, in that you are required by law to have a minimum amount in most states and provinces. Whenever you drive a car, you are capable of causing damage, to property or to other persons. Since most people don't have the money to cover these damages, governments require drivers to have liability insurance that will cover any losses that you cause on anyone or their property.

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