May 5, 2010

Sunrise after Rain

After all the stress that I have been, it’s still good to know that I will have my share of rest. Well not the whole one but at least I can have some of it.

Just like my day today. I am overwhelmed today, very much. This day is just like the last Wednesday that I had but I just got confirmation of all the hard work that I placed on my job. All the dedication the, the passion, the anger and even the burnouts that I just had experienced.

II had my team went up within the top spots, balanced with both criteria’s. I am very much please with the results that I was able to hit two birds at the same time. It is so compelling to look at that some times I don’t want to blink on the results that was released over all site. I am imagining I am competing to 83 different teams across the Philippines and hell yeah I got one cool spot for my team.

Its really a great feeling. It’s so good to know that whatever suffering I had, at the end of the day the rewards are still going for me. And I don’t regret it. Not a bit.

I am going to take rest now cause my bed is waiting for me. Tata.

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