May 15, 2010

Mole Removal Part 2

In my early article, I discussed about some Natural treatment for my mole versus Mole Removal Surgery. This time here are some other treatments if you think that natural help from the environment is not working.

Medications are one form of resolution to every sickness or everything that people think is not right. For the skin Moles, this one is also effective. But you have to consider that some of the treatments are not effective which they usually claim and also some side affects that you wont like. In either case, some are quite expensive and even not worth it. Well, I don’t want to mention any name for mole medications because I haven’t tried any though. But the best thing I think would be to ask your skin doctor because they have to check if these drugs are actually safe for you to take.

For herbal treatment that are sold in different drug stores that actually claims to help remove these moles. One of this is called Derma Trend and Bio-T. These two drugs actually uses mineral salts to remove males. This is usually applied to the mole for a specific number of days and Walla. It should be gone from then. But you should be cautious if you’re going to use these herbal treatments. Remember that this herbal treatments that has not or approved by skin doctors which might have some chemicals that is not good for a certain individual. Also be careful with the one that are offered or recommended by drug stores, those are might not effective unless they have tried it.

If you’re not the type who likes medicines or herbal treatments, you can also go to a more advance technique which is surgery. Moles can actually be removed by a surgeon as long as its not cancerous. This is actually considered as cosmetic surgery. This surgery has also different packages which does not cover insurances so you would need to pay this at your own expense. Well if you have a lot of money, this might be an option since Mole Removal Cost will be a bit expensive.

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