May 15, 2010

Mole Removal

Moles can be unattractive. Certainly true. Especially if its appearing visibly on your face or neck and people are staring at them when they’re talking to you. Its kind of annoying at often times. Usually the psychological effect of this would be too much self-consciousness which has a disturbing effect. And what other people do is just let it be because there is no cure for this, but that’s actually wrong. If your looking for natural way of dealing with skin moles, you have a lot of option to choose from.

If you are a person who love things get resolved naturally, you can actually use Sour Apple. All you need to is get the juices of that fruit and apply them to the mole for three times every day for around three weeks. But, never stop the treatment if you don’t think that it’s not working. If you will be using this effect, it will put the mole dimmer and then slowly smaller.

Another natural technique to the remove the mole is by using a paste made out of baking soda and caster oil. Just mix these two ingredients and dab it on the mole just right before you go to sleep and wash it off when you wake up. If you keep doing this, eventually it will little the size of the mole eventually.

Also you can try using onion juice to your skin mole. Do this once everyday for two to three weeks. A little patient might be needed but this natural remedy does work effectively. Other spices that work for mole is garlic which will make you smelly because you will be needing to have a dab of this on your mole for several times a day and continuously for three to four days.

Dandelions in the yard have also their magic. Cut off their roots first then take the dandelion roots and rub it on the mole until juice of the roots leak out complete over the mole. Do this once a day or as much as you like for two to three weeks.

These are some natural things that we can do to remove mole in our skins that does not need any medicines. But if you think that none of those are working, never forget that a Mole Removal Surgery is 100% effective.

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