Jun 28, 2010

Motorcycle Accident Case Tips

Sometimes it is the point where you know you can’t stop in time. Sometimes it is when you start tumbling. And sometimes you won’t know what happened, except you are on the ground and your bike is on its side. Whatever the case, you have been in an accident, and your health, wealth, and ability to ride again are in jeopardy if you don’t think clearly and act rationally. Same with the article that I created for Car accidents, here are some things to remember when you have experienced motorcycle accidents.
Think – never ever panic, always think after the accident. Shouting or panicking will never do your good? Always check you’re self if you are harmed or was there anybody hurt? Also try to check if there is a traffic around to keep you safe what could happen afterwards or check your car if maybe there is a gasoline leaking. That is why thinking is more importantly the first thing you do than shouting for help.
Injuries – check your self for any injuries or body parts that are bleeding. Never ever attempt to correct your body for any dislocation or fraction that would happen as this could infect the injured parts. Also never remove any glasses stuck through your skin as this will make the damage part severe.
Adrenaline – after the accident, rush of adrenaline is expected to happen which can only take 3 seconds. This will be running over your body which can be experienced with your whole body as well. This is normal as this is one of the body’s defense mechanism. Sign of this will be irrationality, cause your hands to shake and dexterity to rise up. People under this state usually feels irrational and judgment or focus are usually clouded. This also makes the people too much chatty and would usually create excuses which eventually could lead to fight or even can lead to more accidents. Remember that nobody intended to have an accident and anger won’t help the situation at all. Remember that anything you say or do can be used against you in motorcycle accident case so make sure you dont let anger get in the way.
Some things to Ponder: 
  • Bikes are very hard to detect during traffic so make sure you move your shoulder at least or stand it up.
  • Helmets are sometimes ineffective after accidents so make sure that you have your helmet check first and tested to ensure that at least, your helmet will be able to protect you.
  • Do not let anyone light a flare or you may set fire.
  • If your bike is still working after an accident, make sure you check all the vital parts of the bike such as brakes, tranny, tires and more. You don’t want to be on another accident again because one of them is not working.


Charla Mcguyer said...

Following basic safety tips, such as wearing appropriate apparel and being aware of the surroundings, can reduce the probability of an accident. On the other hand, three percent of motorcycle accidents are caused by failure to maneuver the vehicle because riders lose control due to a flat tire. This highlights the importance of inspecting your vehicle before you hit the road.

Javier Hoppes said...

These are good things to remember when you’re on the road, but the most important thing among these 3 is thinking. Anything can happen while you’re on the road, so you need to be extra careful in making those turns at the intersection and always drive right on, or under the speed limit.

Natasha Dortch said...

"For motorcyclists: It’s better to drive on designated motorcycle lanes where you can drive freely without worrying about the other cars. In addition to these 3 pointers, gearing up with a motorcycle back protector will protects you from major back injuries during an accident. Here’s an example that I saw online.

Tracy Pierre said...

If there are other people involved in the situation, it’s important that you stay calm and don’t let your anger and frustration get the best of you. Instead, focus on how both parties will work out the situation. While waiting for the police, make sure that you get the other person’s contact information, and if there are witnesses around the area, ask them to make statements that can add to the police report.