Jun 28, 2010

My Proposed Furnitures for My Own Bedroom

In the recent article that I made, I talked about the houses that I like which are very impossible to happen. But nevertheless, I saw a lot of good rustic bedroom furniture collections that looks very amazing which I would like to show you.

Eye captivating and very simple to look at. No one ever thinks of putting a small little stairs-like wood before going up on your bed which can be used in different ways.

A bed like this should be always partnered with a table like this. This perfects the rustic theme on your bedroom which makes it looks good and pleasant on the eye.

And a set of this is very perfect for a small living room part in my own bedroom.

I am a sucker for jackets or coats to be always reused especially if you have just used it for just hours that is why I am going to purchase one of this if ever when I set my own design for my bed.

A little mini bar to sit with before going to sleep is very romantic at most often times.

And lastly, the only light I am going to put in my bedroom. My rule and hopefully someone would agree, never ever put any bright light in the room as this will always hinder relaxation especially for eyes.

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