Jun 14, 2010

MyEventHub.com and its Fun

What is MyEventHub.com?

MyEventHub.com by Fashion Designer Bian Variani is an entertainment and events social networking website which focuses on promoting yourself to different related fashion and entertainment events so that you will be hired and worked on that event. This website also allows you to buy or create a customize event tickets for you to sell. If you think you know or your good in throwing a party and event, then this place is a place to start your career.
Who are the people invited to use this website?
Whether you’re a model, designer in fashion, party goer, a stardom wannabee or just hanging along in the fashion world, this website is for you. This website actually invites everybody and anybody to join to have a shine of the world of glamorous limelight and this website is your social networking medium.
What features does MyEventHub.com have?
Well since this is a social networking medium as well, expect that you have Profile Page to customize base on the taste and how you want viewers to view your page. You can just choose your own website name and they will make it happen. Here is an example of the website:
For example my account is: http://www.myeventhub.com/variani (hence the "variani" my last name)
Do I need to pay to create an Account?
Not necessary. There is a free account which gives you access to a lot of things likes:

  • Unlimited uploading of pictures to your profile

  • Adding biography

  • Adding News Flash to your page so your friends or fans are up to date on what’s going on with your life, events or company. Or if your not an event promoter, just let them know what you have for tonight to party with.

  • Area 51 is a personal wall in which user can post comments on your page driving traffic and attention to your profile. Good thing is you have the privilege to have the full control of accepting, deleting or even editing the comments before it appears to your page.

  • Creating unlimited events with tickets to sell or giveaway for free.
 Isn’t this exciting enough, lets go and grab the fun now and be the star of the night.

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