Jun 14, 2010

Car Donations for Veterans

A lot of people around the globe create a different version of charity works which main objective is to help people. This charity works has a lot of sources to fund with and some of them are greatly know already because of the help that they are providing. Usually, charity works asks for money but not all. Especially this charity named as Cars Helping Veterans which does not ask for money donations but instead car donations. It might be a bit shocking or let’s say too pricey for a charity work but you might want to think again why they are doing it.

This charity focuses on veterans who had helped USA as one of the best country today. Of course they are one of the USA best heroes though there are not that popular. They were the first people who had put their life in line just to defend their country. But because of the global crisis that they are experiencing today, most veterans are sleeping in the streets without a home. You can’t blame them since they are already old and giving them a job is only 1% of probability that would happen. That is why they are asking the people to donate car which they are going to use to raise fund for shelter, food and clothing of these veterans.

This might be too pricey but my take on this is that I don’t think they are looking for an expensive cars, I think they are just looking for those cars that at least can still be make used of into something which is already an expense for other people. As we all know, helping other people is priceless no matter how cheap are we donating.

If you’re wondering how to do vehicle donations, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Just go their website by clicking on the links that we have here. Then click on the Car Application Form and fill out that form (remember that car donation is nationwide). Afterwards, you just have to schedule when they will pick up the car which will they do for free. Once its done, you will receive your tax deductible car donation receipt.

So if you have spare cars that you think that no one will use or you no longer can use, try donating one and save a veteran.

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