Jun 2, 2010

A Word from Above

It really feels so great to get commendations from the people above the organization. Because I am on cloud 9, I cant help myself to share it. Oh and by the way, this is not just for mine alone but for all the Team Leads who are part of our cluster. So here goes:

this was the word we got from our Site Director:

I can’t stress enough how proud I am of everything you’re doing.

You’ve taken a very large program that has ramped very quickly and brought it to the top of the standings. You’ve done this despite the extra one year of tenure in Manila and that in itself speaks volumes to what you’re doing on a day to day basis. For that I thank you.

It’s each of you driving your teams to perform that has lead us to where we are today. You being the leaders you are and figuring out what motivates your agents to succeed has lead us to where we are today. You suffering through the supervisor calls, answering the endless questions and doing the “just one more thing to look after” that we push you to do has lead us to where we are today.

You’ve each taken a group of individuals, formed them into a team and lead them to the success that we’re all enjoying today and also for that I thank you.

Continue doing what you’re doing everyday and know that not only is it making a difference in the lives of your team members it’s also being noticed by a lot of people at all levels of the organization.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you to continue your success.

And a simple word of thanks from our Business Manager:

Here is stack ranking for May MTD. I really appreciate everything that you put out there to make this happen. We have achieved our goal for this month ending # 1 again (back to back) for OPI ranking across all sites. And not only that, Bacolod site ended # 1 across all 3 sites, yet again. This says a lot of how committed you all are in getting things done and ensuring that you are always on top of everything. Please pass on my thanks to your agents. We will not be where we are if not for them. They really made us look good here.

... now who says you wont feel better after reading this one. It pays off all the hardwork and time.

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