Jul 11, 2010

Harper's Island Rave

I just finished watching Harper’s Island. I know that this is already an old series show but I never had time to watch it because of its changing time slot, I was very lucky enough that I was able to buy the DVD that they have right now.

The series show was very great for me as you wouldn't know who the killer was until the end of the show. Unlike other movies or series where the killer is very obvious or even the killing part is lame. Here, the show provided a story plot with one of the most unpredicted and unexpected. Combined with the best acting that they could have and ended up very good. Its well written and well acted making it a very not show. Actually it was never beend ull the whole 13 episode.
I kinda feel disappointed of knowing who the killer was and how the people were murdered (especially to Cal and Chloe, I so love the couple). But its one good series that are far different and would really give you the chills. Well I do agree that this series wont have season 2 since majority of the cast in the island was killed and same goes with the killers. But I do hope there will be another horror series as good as this.

I am going to miss Harper’s Island. Y_Y

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