Jul 9, 2010

Street Dance 3D

 Yesterday I was able to have the chance to watch the movie entitled Street Dance in 3D. The movie was great and at th least it can actually live you smiling at the end of the movie. Its been a long time though since I watched a movie in cinema, since I have my own DVD and just watch at home.

Anyways, the movie was great. Downsides of this movie is that it has cheesy scripts, predictable story plot and ripped off plot, I think. After watching the movie, I was actually thinking that all the dance movies such as Step Up, Bring it On or so whatever were all mixed up and created this movie (lol). But positive side, the dances were cool and unique plus its everywhere in the movie. One of the things that we actually look into when we are watching Dance movies like this. Soundtracks are pretty good and even the people performing it is pretty amazing. And they're accent is pretty sexy as well, story plot is somewhat very simple. Plus lesser kissing scenes, drama in the houses or families and crying which makes this movie a bit different from the rest that has been showned.

Nevertheless, I would really recommend everybody to watch this movie.

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