Jun 30, 2009

Unfortunate Start

i just had the worse day i think. woke up with a headache cause i really need to run on something with the appointment scheduled for 3. i thought i was late so i was thinking of the best excuse. on my way, i saw a girl got bumped or hit by a motorbike. i saw her shake like she was possessed by a demonic spirit and drool saliva in her mouth which had shake me up. it was an awful site and i really wanted to help or do something to help her out. but I'm not ready for those situations so i just prayed for her, for whatever will happen to her. upon arriving to the said venue of the said meeting place, i was present, my teams were not. cool isn't it? and the best thing, i canceled my whole team cause i know for the fact that there's no future on pursuing it. went on with my shift, it was almost as good, but turned out that i had a cold war with someone inside our team. I'm used to it, but the thing is that it made my day worse. Err, this is not a good start for the week for me.

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