Oct 12, 2009

Life After the Consequence

Sleepless times is really present. Sometimes its really hard to break a habit especially if you get used and loved it. I really had set my minds that nothing is happening but its hard faking it. You roll over to your bed, left and right thinking what to do and how to evade those thoughtful memories, but whatever you do its still lingering. Just hate the thought about it. But nevertheless, everything has its own ending, just had to have a positive thought. I always have have it, and I always believe myself to be always optimistic. I'm emotionally strong, I always can fake everything out. Faking things out has its own hard times, but I had get used to it. I just hate the thought that I have to do again, after all those times. But at least I know, the problem was not mine. Misunderstanding, mistrust and wrong thinking has been all the root of this mishap. Moving forward, as what our previous supervisor use to say, life has to get going.
**Edit: Too glad it already ended... =)

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