Oct 12, 2009

Unpredictable Change

It just had been well said that change is constant. Everything do really has its way of starting and ending up things in life and nothing stays permanent that had make me conclude that there is no happily-ever-after. Ironic but its the sad truth, sometimes life has its own way of telling you that you cant be happy forever, you have to learn it sometimes in the hardway and life has its own way of teaching it to. Somtimes, whatever lessons you've learned before, its not enough for you to commit another one. You thought that its not gonna happent again but never be complaisant about that. Life for a couple of weeks for me has been perfectly fine, not just word fine but extremely perfect. But because of a wrong action, everything went out handed. Not in the way it was planned nor the way it was actually foreseen. As they said, you have to live with consequences and deal with it. I just never thought that all those plans, dreams and wishful thinking had somewhat threatened and was endangered. There a saying that "why waste your good times with a single bad times", but it just came to my thought that sometimes, you have to learn what it takes to deal bad times to protect your good times.

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