Oct 9, 2009

Saw VI

Then I realized, aside from this month being an Octoberfest for some country, is the start off parade of horror genre movies or what they usually called the Horrorfest. So expect movies showing this month to be scary, gory or somewhat disturbing. And never did I know, that this coming halloween is the realease of one of my awaited movies, Saw VI. I just saw the trailer and it was really, really, really freaking me out. I am really, as in so excited to watch the sixth franchise of the film. Here's the awaited trailer of this film including the leaked scene. Enjoy.


heranee said...

omg, Saw VI , it is nice to hear about Saw VI as I love it very much. I thought it was ended in last season. Truly I never thought it will release another series. Any way it is great. I am impatiently waiting to watch Saw VI.

-- k ! m -- said...

Wow, a SAW franchise fan. Nice to meet you. I'm dying as well to watch this film and I heard its gonna be shown on US Cinema's this 23rd of October.