Jul 2, 2010

A Help for our Veterans

Courage and Patriotism has been one of the symbols of our veteran soldiers through their entire life when that they fought for their country. This people have been one of the symbols of peace, as their love for their country has been their inspiration. Even their life is at risk because of their love for their country and they don’t mind sacrificing just to save our future. What they did for us was outstanding and never can be returned by any amount of money.

Over the years and the pressure that we have experienced with our economy, majority of our veterans has lost a lot of things. Even their place of living has been taken away from them leaving them homeless and hungry. The chance of repaying them has now come to us and we should not let this moment slip.

Purple Heart Car Donations is an organization that focuses on providing help to veterans by car donations that they received. If we have any car that isn’t working or even some spare car that you think no one will be using anymore, let us start donating it and be part of this organization to help our fellow veterans.

How to do it? It can be done by three easy steps.

1.) Go to their website and fill out a simple form
2.) Schedule or arrange a free pick up for the car that you’re going to donate
3.) Once you are done with the donate a car help, you will be receiving a tax deduction receipt on the car donations that you have made.

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