Jul 2, 2010

The World of Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery or commonly known as Plastic Surgery has been very well known to every part of the world as one of the most effective tool in beautifying one part of our body. This has been talked about in different plastic surgery blog. This surgery can be applied to any part of our body and improvements are usually seen in just a small span of time. Lloyd Krieger has also talked about a lot of things with regards to plastic surgery and visiting their blog sites would be very beneficial as well.

In the old century, Walter Yeo was the first person to be known that has benefited from plastic surgery. Most of the operation that is done before is usually extensive and really painful. But as technology grows, our advancement to in providing painless and effective surgery has also greatly improved. This benefited Cosmetic surgery results as well and had enticed a lot of people indulging to such.
Below is some of the most common cosmetic surgery that might no be mentioend in some cosmetics blog which might fit your need. 
  • Abdominoplasty ("tummy tuck"): reshaping and firming of the abdomen
  • Blepharoplasty ("eyelid surgery"): reshaping of the eyelids or the application of permanent eyeliner, including Asian blepharoplasty
  • Phalloplasty
  • Mammoplasty:
    • Breast augmentations ("breast implant" or "boob job"): augmentation of the breasts by means of fat grafting, saline, or silicone gel prosthetics, which was initially performed to women with micromastia
    • Reduction mammoplasty ("breast reduction"): removal of skin and glandular tissue, which is done to reduce back and shoulder pain in women with gigantomastia and/or for psychological benefit men with gynecomastia
    • Mastopexy ("breast lift"): Lifting or reshaping of breasts to make them less saggy, often after weight loss (after a pregnancy, for example). It involves removal of breast skin as opposed to glandular tissue
  • Buttock augmentation ("butt implant"): enhancement of the buttocks using silicone implants or fat grafting ("Brazilian butt lift") and transfer from other areas of the body
    • Buttock lift: lifting, and tightening of the buttocks by excision of redundant skin
  • Chemical peel: minimizing the appearance of acne, chicken pox, and other scars as well as wrinkles (depending on concentration and type of agent used, except for deep furrows), solar lentigines (age spots, freckles), and photodamage in general. Chemical peels commonly involve carbolic acid (Phenol), trichloroacetic acid (TCA), glycolic acid (AHA), or salicylic acid (BHA) as the active agent.
  • Labiaplasty: surgical reduction and reshaping of the labia
  • Lip enhancement: surgical improvement of lips' fullness through enlargement
  • Rhinoplasty ("nose job"): reshaping of the nose
  • Otoplasty ("ear surgery"/"ear pinning"): reshaping of the ear, most often done by pinning the protruding ear closer to the head. Performed on both children and adults to decrease social anxiety and is done for purely cosmetic purposes contrary to popular belief that it improves hearing.
  • Rhytidectomy ("face lift"): removal of wrinkles and signs of aging from the face
    • Browplasty ("brow lift" or "forehead lift"): elevates eyebrows, smooths forehead skin
    • Midface lift ("cheek lift"): tightening of the cheeks
  • Suction-assisted lipectomy ("liposuction"): removal of fat from the body
  • Chin augmentation ("chin implant"): augmentation of the chin with an implant, usually silicone, by sliding genioplasty of the jawbone or by suture of the soft tissue
  • Cheek augmentation ("cheek implant"): implants to the cheek
  • Fillers injections: collagen, fat, and other tissue filler injections, such as hyaluronic acid
  • Laser skin resurfacing

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